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AuC using HSM

Dedicated Cloud Authentication Center (AuC) engineered to encrypt and decrypt SIM Secrets securely using a HSM solution.

wgtwo CloudAuC is a cloud-based Authentication Center built on top of a Hardware Security Module (HSM) that enables us to leverage cloud computing to securely generate and use encryption keys within our telecom core network. CloudAuC uses auto-generated encryption keys backed by validated HSMs with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliance. Additionally, wgtwo CloudAuC is integrated with wgtwo Core Network, providing the necessary security, scalability, and availability controls to meet our regulatory and compliance needs.


  • Manage encryption for HLR / HSS / AUSF
    wgtwo CloudAuC presents a single control point for managing keys. Defining software-based policies we are able to easily create, rotate, import, and delete encryption keys via tamper-resistance secure APIs.
  • Secure and highly-available by design
    wgtwo CloudAuC automatically load balances requests and securely manages encryption keys across replica sets across multiple availability zones to prevent data failure.
  • Built-in auditing
    wgtwo CloudAuC records all API requests, including key management, usage, and access to encryption keys. External logging helps us manage risk, meet compliance requirements, perform event analysis, and conduct forensic.


The security and quality controls in wgtwo CloudAuC components have been certified under multiple compliance schemes such as SOC 2 and FIPS 140-2 Level 3.

Additional Features

  • Software-based dedicated HSM
  • Leverage compliance standards
  • Master key backed by a dedicated hardware HSM with FIPS 140-2 certification
  • Master key auto rotation
  • Scalable and secure cloud
  • Automatic failover and disaster recovery
  • Network policies to limit access
  • External audit logging and alerting