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Deploying new private networks is time-consuming and requires strong technical knowledge.
Traditionally private networks require on-premise deployments. These integrations of the radio spectrum and the maintenance of the infrastructure require detailed experience. Lastly, once deployed these integrations weren't evolved with later features requested by customers and not being implemented. This ultimately made it difficult for any stakeholders to build new businesses on top of the private network domain.
LTE/5G cloud-based private network deployable anywhere.
WG2 enabled MKI to simplify the financial and operational aspects of the mobile system allowing their unique offering. The cloud-based private network can be scaled with MKI’s customer portfolio. On top of it, our initiative to enable zero-touch private networks deployment allows MKI to support both cloud-based and on-premise UPF flexibly, but kept as simple.
private networks
3 weeks
time to launch new private network
cost savings vs traditional private networks
Our 5G Starter Kit leverages Working Group Two’s fully managed 5G core, delivered as-a-service. Since there is no need for 5G Core-related equipment, integration and construction in the customer environment, the time-to-market is drastically reduced. Working Group Two also provides various APIs for developers, which can be used to create further added value for local 5G services.