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CKH IOD is a cross-country group unit within the Hutchison conglomerate, with MVNE operations across Europe.
CKH IOD maintained a multi-country MVNE platform that inherently had complexities and was difficult to scale operationally. They sought:
  • Fast time-to-market
  • Flexibility & innovation
  • Automation and programmability
A single, multi-country mobile core solution that is secure and future-proof and enables business growth.
  • Efficient integration delivered on time and on budget, launched in summer 2022
  • Reduced costs and complexity of operations by replacing 22 vendors/contracts with 1
  • Ability to add customers and use cases has allowed for revenue growth for CKH-IOD
22 to 1
vendors in the core network
8 months to 8 weeks
time reduction for MVNO onboarding
MVNO growth year-over-year
“Our collaboration with Working Group Two to deploy our core network on the public cloud delivers simplicity, improved operational efficiency and the ability to quickly develop new initiatives to meet market needs, with particular focus on the MVNO, IoT and Private Network space. It’s about achieving scale and the highest levels of security while reducing complexity – to the benefit of our customers and ultimately, end-users in our markets”

- Joe Parker, CEO of CKH IOD