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Let's dig into our core.

wgtwo is building a future proof technology that reduces cost and complexity while radically enhancing innovation potential in the telecom industry. Our core is continuously evolving. We improve its security, scalability, redundancy, features, and integrations every day. Leveraging a modern DevSecOps approach, our customers get a continuously improving core network.

In 2023, we helped our customers deliver

527 million
354 million
voice calls
32 million
3.07 petabyte
data upload
30.1 petabyte
data download
418 billion
connectivity events

Multi-G Support

Our core has multi-G support in that it offers a full MNO core for 4G and 5G, as well as a full MVNO functionality for 2G/3G. This allows operators to build full modern 4G/5G core networks while leveraging national roaming for 2G/3G where necessary. Our core offers the full set of capabilities related to authentication and provisioning, voice, messaging, and data services.
An all-inclusive platform

Our system offers a comprehensive solution that includes functions covering traditional network interfaces and use-cases. We provide detailed information on the exposed interfaces to ensure seamless integration with existing networks.



Our core does not only deliver technology to run a mobile core network but also includes

  • Upgrades / evolution
  • Operations (incl. 24/7)
  • Support
  • Application layer
  • Orchestration
  • Operating systems
  • Infrastructure / hardware
  • Networking
  • Data centre / power
  • Security

  • Questions & Answers
    Q: What do I gain when migrating my subscribers to wgtwo?
    Operational simplicity: Operators get the services in a managed SaaS model. This implies that we take care of operations, 24/7, upgrades, tickets, moving the operator to the next generation of technology and more.
    Architectural simplicity: The core is built with inspiration from hyperscalers and modern technology companies. We terminate telco complexity at the edge of the network, which drives simplicity and efficiency on the inside of the network.
    Financial simplicity: A set-up fee and a SIM fee. Those two elements generally cover our main agreement. We aim for a simple and transparent price annex.
    Affordability: The choice of operating model, architecture and technology drive radical cost savings that are passed on to our customers.
    Faster and lower risk delivery: Through pre-integrating all the various functions and nodes, we reduce cost, complexity and time involved in integration and deployment.
    Innovation: The next “G” in telecom is always significant, but it doesn’t allow one operator to stand out from the rest. We provide operators the ability to do micro-innovation at scale, allowing the launch of many products to fit many segments.
    Q: How many subscribers does wgtwo core support?
    Our core provides operators with a flexible, affordable, fully featured MNO-grade core that can scale down to small private network deployments, and up to operators with millions of subscribers.

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