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wgtwo Security

Secure network.
Secure data.

Your trusted telco platform.
wgtwo is GDPR compliant and provides Data Processing Agreements (DPAs) with our all of our customers to outline how and where your data is processed.
AWS Well Architected
wgtwo is committed to adopting AWS key concepts, design principles, and architectural best practices for designing and running workloads in the cloud.
ISO 27001
wgtwo is ISO 27001:2022 certified . View our Trust Report to see our controls in action. Learn more on our blog.
Security is at the forefront of how wgtwo builds its mobile core network.
Every person, team, customer, and organization deserves and expects their data to be secure and confidential. wgtwo continues to work hard to ensure the safeguarding of this data by focusing on implementing security controls across various domains.
Telecommunication Security
wgtwo performs threat modeling across its telco services to understand the threats/risks and implement countermeasures to reduce the risk of an event. Additionally, wgtwo leverages best practices identified by GSMA to implement additional controls. wgtwo has implemented an SS7 firewall that will block/reject SS7 signaling based on security best practices outlined by GSMA (FS.11 and FS.19).
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Infrastructure Security
wgtwo holds an Advanced Certified Partner with AWS. In doing so, we have demonstrated the leading best practices for operating a reliable, scalable, and secure infrastructure in the cloud. For example, we have implemented policies to prevent publicly exposing data and built tools to identify exposed services and misconfigurations as it impacts the security of our products. wgtwo has completed the AWS Well-Architected Best Practices assessment, which the report can be provided upon request.
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Application Security
wgtwo leverages DevSecOps and has built a robust and secure development lifecycle, which identifies security threats early in the development process to protect our APIs and services.We use security threat modeling and automated configuration static analysis to identify 3rd party vulnerabilities within our code and infrastructure misconfigurations that impact the security or privacy of our resources. If identified, all critical issues are quickly remediated. All code is peer-reviewed and checked into a code revision system.
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Operational Security
Least-privilege, need-to-know basis, RBAC, centralized IAM, and individual accounts are just a few of the controls Working Group Two has in place to monitor and secure our core platform. wgtwo has a 24/7 level 3 on-call program to quickly identify and remediate operational and security incidents. Dedicated security playbooks have been established to facilitate the proper handling of all security incidents. In the event of a security incident, all affected parties will be informed within 72 hours. Incident response procedures are tested and updated at least annually.
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Trust is our priority.
wgtwo strives to become the most secure mobile telco core network. In doing so, we would like to share several of our implemented controls.
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