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Small operators

Especially smaller operators are often overwhelmed by the complexity of getting even the basic services to work at an affordable cost. Getting VoLTE to work, having a call forked to a watch and a smartphone, home-routing of SMS, integrating with a lawful intercept solution, handling CS fallback, restricting the speed of a data connection, handling roaming, and integrating a PBX are examples of basic functionality that is complex to produce in a traditional network.

By taking a radically different approach, we can offer this, and much more, functionality working out-of-the box with short lead times and with affordable economics. Making the complex simple is an important part of our offering to operators.

Beyond the basics, size has become an inhibiting factor to be competitive in the market. Whole segments of consumers and enterprises are simply not in reach due to lack of functionality. Without the ability to offer these services significant market segments or revenue enhancing opportunities are lost. We are here to bring competitive power to small operators that surpasses that of even the biggest incumbents – allowing operators to target the segments they want to.

our solution

By offering a pre-integrated solution across authentication, voice, messaging, data, policy and more we as a managed service we remove enormous amounts of complexity related to integration, configuration and testing. The benefit of a radically simplified architecture and operating model gives operators affordable economics, simplicity of operation and radical innovation capacity.