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Mobile virtual operators of every kind face similar challenges. It is hard and expensive to build and operate your own core, and even harder to get a competitive advantage from it. A better way is now possible.


At wgtwo we believe MVNxs need modern networks that evolve with customer needs, scale up with user growth, and supply the next generation of technology. We believe affordability, simplicity and providing operators with an ability to differentiate themselves is how we create a successful partnership.

Operators can join a running platform where the core network is distilled down to easy-to-use APIs. Reducing cost and complexity, the platform allows MVNxs to leverage a product ecosystem to create real differentiation in the marketplace.

Wouldn’t it be great to get out of survival mode, and instead leverage the mobile core for the strategic asset it can be?

A unique approach to building and operating the core to be programmable, flexible and operated as-a-service gives MVNxs real power of differentiation.