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Solving hard problems requires a lot of freedom. Join us and get ready to do the best work of your life.

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What does it mean to have freedom to solve hard problems?

We are challenging the telecom industry to take a giant step into the future. Mobile connectivity has existed for decades, has billions of subscribers and >1000 operators around the world. It is a well-financed and profitable industry that societies fundamentally depend on. But it is not growing. It is not innovating. And it leaves value on the table for other industries to leverage.

The pace of innovation and investment from adjacent industries, be it hyperscalers, device manufacturers or content providers is different - and drives higher performance.

Instead of being constantly challenged by the technology and operating model choices of these tech giants, we believe operators have an opportunity to leverage the same principles they employ. To do so, they need to be willing to change their approach. In return they will significantly lower cost and complexity, and be radically more innovative.

This is the hard problem we want to solve: At Working Group Two, we're building a technology platform and a company culture capable of disrupting the telecom industry - by making connectivity programmable, accessible and affordable.

Joining us, you will get a lot of freedom and responsibility to create a big impact in the telco industry. You will be surrounded by friendly colleagues with deep expertise. We have a culture of transparency and openness, and oftentimes we call ourselves a “start-up for grown-ups”. It's not about being young or old, it's about knowing where we are going, and trusting each other. We want to co-create the path to get there.

You will be part of a distributed team with main offices in Oslo, Trondheim and Stockholm as well as many remote colleagues in other locations. We believe in doing things together and that is why we frequently host company wide activities like tech talks, demos, and Failure Fridays. We also make sure everyone can get together at an offsite multiple times a year to have fun, discuss important topics and hack on crazy projects.

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The impossible just takes a bit more time. Meet our problem solvers.

I am the engineering manager for teams that work with our edge sites and networking, security and AWS cloud infrastructure. I try to keep the team members happy, and help plan and organize the technical work that we do. I spend a lot of time dealing with blocking issues that are important but mostly just distract our engineers from their daily work.

Engineering manager

I work on the main subscriber state database - where we keep track of subscriptions in the mobile networks of operators on our platform. The applications we write, primarily in Kotlin and Java, towards this database make sure people get the services they signed up for.

Software developer

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Victoria Hicks
Head of People
Theresa Guanio
Talent Lead
Marietta Wasilewska

It takes a culture of friendly people and deep expertise to disrupt the telecom industry.


75+ engineers, 25+ different nationalities make up the wgtwo team. We collectively have spent centuries at Telenor, Telia, Ice, Google, PWC, Ericsson, Cisco, and more.


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Let's go skiing ⛷


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