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Content and blogging guidelines

Working Group Two Content and blogging guidelines Updated March 21, 2022

Why do we have a blog? Contribute to the industry dialogue and share our knowledge - to build trust in our company and people Build visibility for our company towards customers, talents and third party developers - in line with our brand platform Create inbound traffic to our website with the aim to convert relevant visitors into customers, third party developers or job applicants

Why do we need a guideline for content and blogging? To stimulate positive, constructive, high-quality and collaboration-oriented posts that make our values come alive. The guidelines are meant to protect us as employees and the brand as the employer.


  1. Make it a team effort
  • Be respectful and acknowledge the contributions from colleagues, customers and partners. This doesn’t mean we can’t have opinions!
  • Conflicts are internal - unless we deliberately want to share a problem we had and how we solved it.
  1. Add real value
  • Think about who you’re talking to and how you add to the conversation.
  • Steal with pride, but respect copyrights and other legal constraints.
  • Be mindful about stuff like financial info, customer data, strategies, upcoming feature/products, religion, politics, and sexual references.
  1. Get reviewed and get help
  • Just like our software updates are peer-reviewed for quality, so must content and blog posts.
  • The marketing function is ultimately responsible for our external communications and is here to help with language, angles and general QA - as well as being the brand police to enforce all of the above.