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A core for your private network

Private networks are a booming part of telecom. Use cases related to latency, security, and stability drive demand for smaller mobile networks. However, mobile networks are complex to manage. According to a study made by Omdia 9 out of 10 enterprises are looking for someone to partner with in managing these networks.

Infrastructure hyperscalers can accommodate small start-ups as well as the biggest enterprises. Why can’t the same be true for core network providers?

However, the equivalent simply isn’t true for core networks in the mobile industry. Traditionally, the complexity of a core has not allowed for the economics of smaller networks. This has resulted in specific small-scale product lines with reduced functionality.

our vision

We believe we can do better, and through a combination of pre-integrated nodes, distilling the core to a set of APIs and our as-a-service model allows us to offer MNO grade functionality at small-scale economics.

In other words, enterprises, system integrators and operators can get the functionality of a MNO-grade core in an affordable scaled down version suitable for smaller deployments. This also means that the operations, security and monitoring built for full MNO deployments is also applied to small networks. The native multi-tenancy allows easy creating and management of individual customers.