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Greenfield Operators

Mobile network operators, especially greenfield operators with limited scale and lack of internal technology teams, are often overwhelmed by the complexity of getting even the basic services to work at an affordable cost.

By taking a radically different approach we can create a pre-integrated solution that makes the complex simple. Services that require integration between multiple nodes becomes a simple API call.


With pre-integrated offerings time-to-market is radically reduced, cost is made affordable and service richness is ensured. Making the complex simple is an important part of the future of telecom.

Beyond the basics, size has become an inhibiting factor to be competitive in the market. Whole segments of consumers and enterprises are simply not in reach due to lack of functionality. Without the ability to offer these services significant market segments or revenue enhancing opportunities are lost. Brining competitive and differentiating power to small operators that surpasses that of even the biggest incumbents is important – allowing operators to target the segments they want to.