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Core Networks

Core Networks

Core networks are the gateway to making connectivity work for you. Networks have traditionally been closed and inaccessible, our mission is to make networks open, programmable and accessible so that operators and their customers can adapt them to the needs of your end-users.

We have rebuilt the mobile core so that operators and end-users can use the networks for what they need them for. This can mean integrating them into other products and services, adjusting the network to fit their specific needs or building entirely new products on top of the network.

While this requires leveraging modern technologies, it also requires a shift in business and operating models. We therefore deliver core networks much as web-scale companies deliver infrastructure, namely fully as-a-service, distilled down to APIs and building platforms of developers and partners.

Our core provides operators with a flexible, affordable, fully featured MNO-grade core that can scale down to small private network deployments, and up to multi-million operators.