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Adjacent Cores for Mobile Operator

Mobile Network Operators face the challenge of scalability on a daily basis. Highly complex networks that limit the number of use-cases and additional complexity they can take on is the norm.

In an ever changing marketplace onboarding new initiatives such as IoT, private or hybrid networks, SME products and targeting specific segments are key to staying ahead. Yet it often does not get prioritized as it requires customization that the economics or complexity of traditional networks simply does not allow for.


Our core is built to allow MNOs a cost-efficient way to address the adjacent use-cases. By enabling low-capex, pay-as-you grow economics combined with a fully managed as-a-service model, operators can easily deploy our core, and target these additional business opportunities in a fast and effective manner.

Through a radical approach of creating programmable and flexible networks as an innovation platform we structurally and radically reduce the cost of building and accessing new products. Operators can build or integrate your own products, or you can leverage pre-integrated solutions from existing operators.

The natively multi-tenant set-up allows operators to have separate stakeholders manage their own customers. This allows for an IoT specific management system on one end, and a SME optimized BSS on another.