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Working with wgtwo

We partner with our customers. Your use case and your business requirements add value to our Mobile Core Platform, and we in turn continuously build a network that provides increased value to our customers. The close interaction with our customers helps us understand how we can develop our future proposition to become even better and together with our customers we believe we can continue to build the most innovative Mobile Core Platform in the market. We give our operators a continuously evolving competitive edge.

A step by step process

In the exploration phase our Solutions Architect and Commercial Team explore together with you what your needs and requirements are and map it with our capabilities. In the next phase we arrange technical deep dive sessions and commercial workshops to find the best possible fit for you and us.

Our Solutions Architects together with key people from Engineering draft the Architecture that is optimal for you.

A cross functional team takes responsibility for a smooth implementation process. We of course need your participation too so we expect that you have a dedicated team for the implementation. That’s how we secure a successful implementation.

When in Operations mode our Operations team will handle your mobile core for you. We monitor performance of the network and we will handle incident management.

Let's connect

We want to help you succeed, let's chat and we can give a demo and/or develop a solution for your business needs