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The Concept Behind the Platform

The mobile core has been the brain of modern telecom for decades – but due to excessive complexity it has long been a limiting factor for innovation. Today, the core needs to become a source of innovation and growth, not a constraint in developing your business.

At wgtwo we started our work with that as a premise, and the goal has been to create the technology that allows telecom companies to do more with their technology – and what services they can provide to their end customers.

In our view the telecom industry has for too long been limited from carrying out innovative solutions based on constraints within the technical setup of the mobile core.

our mobile core network

By rebuilding the mobile core to be flexible, scalable, and programmable operators get both the basic functionality, and the ability to drive new business and differentiation to product and service evolution.

By supplying the mobile core as a service we are effectively futureproofing the operation of operators that partner with us – making sure that the next G is already in the package.

It’s simple really. In this day and age, the traditional way of building mobile networks is unnecessarily complex, risky, time consuming and expensive. It can and should be done differently.

Taking a web-scale approach to telecom allows for radical change. Leveraging self-service APIs, building ecosystems and creating easy to use as-a-service offerings are key strategies to enable simpler, more innovative and valuable services to the industry.