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Experienced Backend Engineer

Permanent employee, full-time - Norway, Trondheim
The team and your role Up until now, all mobile subscriptions have been exactly the same, but we are changing this. Those with a subscription from a Working Group Two powered mobile operator will soon enjoy a much richer set of features, and will be able to personalize their subscription by enabling products from a marketplace. We will make this happen by letting developers create products that people love, and by helping operators distribute these products to their subscribers.

We are creating a product ecosystem, which is a multi-sided marketplace platform. Our solution consists of three main components:

  • Developer Portal: Enabling developers to use APIs and media streams for Messaging, Data, and Voice, and to submit their product to our marketplace. 
  • Partner Console: Allowing mobile operators to buy, manage, and distribute products to their subscribers.
  • Storefront: Letting mobile subscribers find, activate and launch the products they want to add to their subscription.

You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty! You will be making both public and internal APIs, backend services, as well as architectural decisions. You will also help set up and maintain the required infrastructure for our projects. You won’t be alone though, we already have a team member who is responsible for these exact things, so you will get a lot of help easing into the role.

At Working Group Two we don’t have a dedicated operations team, so parts of what you will be doing may be described as a devops job. All our services run in Kubernetes hosted at AWS, so you won’t need to touch actual hardware. We don’t expect you to be a Kubernetes expert, as long as you’re interested and  willing to learn.

We’re a relatively small team where team members are expected to raise their opinion and make decisions, so you will make a real impact on the direction we’re going.

Most of our projects use this stack:

REST ─────╗
gRPC      ║
Javalin   ║
Jetty     ║
Kotlin    ║
JOOQ      ║─── This position
OpenID    ║
Envoy     ║
NATS      ║
K8S       ║
AWS ──────╝

You don’t have to know everything from REST to AWS. Maybe you’ve worked with Spring or Jersey instead of Javalin, maybe you’re familiar with Tomcat but not Jetty? Picking up Kotlin should be doable if you know Java or C#. It’s not expected that you know our entire stack before you join, as long as you’re willing to learn (the stack might also change). We do, however, expect you to have worked with AWS before, and that you have at least five years of experience working with backend/cloud services.

The product team will soon consist of eight engineers, one product designer, one UX researcher, and one product manager. We’re a remote-friendly and distributed team with most members located in Trondheim, Norway. All current members are within one hour of the CET timezone. We do daily morning standups, retros every other week, and backlog grooming when necessary. And that’s it. We’re open to adjusting the way we work if you have any suggestions that you think could make it better.
Our company culture We’re a challenger in a well established multi-billion dollar industry. To succeed as a company, we need to deliver the high quality core services that subscribers are used to, while also adding value through the way that we operate. We believe our people and our culture will be a key differentiator in achieving this.

If you join us, you’ll get the trust and freedom needed to make a big impact in the telco industry. Since we’re solving telco problems in a modern way, we recruit from various industries and have people that used to work at Telenor, Google, Microsoft, and AWS. We promise that you’ll be surrounded by friendly, motivated and highly skilled coworkers. We have a culture of transparency and openness, and oftentimes we call ourselves a “start-up for grown-ups”. We know where we’re going, and with a lot of trust in each other, we’ll pave the way there together.

We’re a distributed company with offices in Oslo, Trondheim and Stockholm, as well as some remote colleagues in other locations (a total of 10 countries). We’ll pay for your phone and internet, as well as your lunch and office snacks. We’ll even pay you for your work! The Covid-19 pandemic forced a lot of companies to change how they think, but for us it confirmed that our remote-friendly and transparent approach goes a long way. We frequently host company wide activities online, like tech talks, demos, and failure fridays. This year we’ve replaced our quarterly offsites with online HackDays. We also have Monday-kick offs, virtual lunches and fikas, and online gaming groups to keep the workday fun.

If you’re interested in working with us, please apply through the link below, or contact Theresa for any questions on We’re looking forward to getting to know you!
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