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Network Engineer

Permanent employee, full-time - Sweden
The team and your role We are now looking for a network engineer to join our team that is realising the vision of a telecom network on a global scale. We work with customers and partners to ensure that our networking solution is of a world class standard. You will contribute to designing, deploying and operating the IP and telco networks around the world. You need to enjoy working independently, see rapid changes as an opportunity and want to create an impact together with the team.

Experiences we believe you have:

  • Highly experienced in dynamic routing and switching, IPSEC & VPNs, netflow, DNS, HTTP/2, NAT.
  • Involvement in projects with customers and vendors.
  • Strong GNU/Linux skills and be able to automate tasks in Python, Perl, Shell or similar.
  • Familiarity with revision control, hybrid and cloud technologies and automation in DevOps style.
  • Interested in open source network technologies.
This position is based in either of our locations in Oslo, Trondheim, Stockholm or remotely in Germany, however we are open to discuss other alternatives.
Our company culture Who will you join at WG2?

You will become a part of the integrators team which consists of software and telco engineers, a solution architect and soon tech support engineer. One of your teammates will be Jessica, and this is why she thinks you should join us:

If you are anything like me, a person who wants to work in a high-paced environment with ambitious and skilled people, you will fit right in here. For me it has been valuable to have so many colleagues to look up to and learn from as that has given me what I believe to be the best conditions for rapid growth. The key is to have a curious and open-to-learn mindset - if you do you will have no problem growing here. The role you take in this company is often shaped according to your interests and skills. In my case, I wanted to be more involved with the customers and follow their journey onto our platform, as well as making sure they are satisfied once migration is done. That led me to the Integrators team. Coordinating and collaborating with the development teams on behalf of our customers is one of the main responsibilities of our team as we want to deliver the best experience of our platform. That's where you'll play a key role!

Though playing such an important role may seem daunting, you will have the whole team around to support you and help you learn about our system while solving issues. In our team we want everyone to feel productive, meaning we want everyone to learn and share knowledge. We also continuously evaluate our processes to cut parts where we don't see any value so we can focus on our core activities. Besides that, we are very keen on meeting up on any location of our team members to get to work together and have fun (post-covid of course). During covid, we have focused on having weekly tech-talks where we discuss and share knowledge on the projects we work on. We have also started having weekly AWs/fikas where we can chat about anything to get some social time as well, which has proven to be even more valuable than we expected. Our team has many exciting opportunities and projects coming up, so if you are looking to join the fun with us - apply!

What’s next?

If you’re interested in working with us please apply through the link below, or contact Marietta for any questions on We’re looking forward to getting to know you!
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