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Working Group Two announces strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services

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  • Working Group Two and AWS collaborate to help telecom customers deploy mobile core in the cloud
  • Working Group Two’s core-as-a-service empowers mobile operators globally to grow their revenues, drive cost savings and achieve platform effects

Oslo, Norway – February 15 2023 – Working Group Two (WG2) and Amazon Web Services EMEA Sarl (AWS) are strengthening their collaboration by WG2 increasing AWS’s cloud services to supply mobile core solutions as a service to telecoms and enterprise customers. This expands on the value AWS and WG2 deliver to help telecom operators accelerate their adoption and modernization in the cloud as well as enhance their ability to innovate.

WG2 offers a modern core network delivered as a hosted service, which can help cost savings for mobile network operators. In substitution of complex and sub-scale core networks, WG2 allows operators to attach their radio networks to a global, common mobile core platform powered by services designed by AWS to be resilient and reliable. Operators are now able to procure, deploy and consume a 4G/5G/IMS core as-a-service, and focus purely on meeting customer demands.

WG2's cloud-native core lowers the barriers of entry for network deployments by allowing operators to scale with use. Additionally, WG2’s family of products utilizes the programmability of the core network to offer operators a marketplace of products and services they can bring to market without the need of building or integrating every product for each network.

Leading operators such as CK Hutchison's CKH IOD (Europe), Telenor's Vimla (Sweden), Mobi (United States) and Telavox (Norway, Sweden) already rely on WG2 to host and manage their core networks for parts of their business. WG2 is also delivering private networks in collaboration with Mitsui Knowledge Industry and Kyocera Mirai Envision in Japan.

WG2 has spent the last seven years developing one of the world’s first cloud-native programmable multi-tenant mobile core platforms. This provides all the key telecom core features needed for a full-service core, serving everything from smartphones in public networks to Internet of Things (IoT) devices in private networks. AWS and WG2 will collaborate on evolving WG2’s control plane and user plane by leveraging AWS technologies. WG2 and AWS expect this collaboration to be beneficial for telco and enterprise customers that have an interest in modernizing their legacy platforms to cloud-native services and deploying mobile core solutions.

AWS’s Telco Director for EMEA, Fabio Cerone, commenting on WG2’s collaboration, said:

“Already telcos leveraging Working Group Two’s cloud-native mobile core are gaining benefits of greater agility and faster time-to-market. With the added support for IoT, Mobile Virtual Network Operators and Mobile Private Network use cases within the same platform, together AWS and WG2 will help telcos deliver even more value and services to their customers.”

WG2 CEO, Erlend Prestgard, said:

“The growth we have been part of is now strengthened by our strategic collaboration with AWS, in order to scale and deliver more customer value than before. More companies are starting to see the real benefits of cloud, which has been long heralded as a catalyst for innovation and digital transformation, thanks to its ability to increase development speed and provide near-limitless scale. We are bringing the deep expertise of WG2 and AWS’s powerful cloud services closer to our customers.”

Mobi CEO, Justen Burdette, said:

"We have set out to challenge the status quo in the wireless industry, and the strong relationship with WG2 has been instrumental in our ability to grow from ‘just’ a small regional wireless provider into a carrier that’s able to do truly disruptive things — things that typically would take years and exponentially more capital investment. Thanks to the capabilities we are able to tap into together, we are able to build a seamless, digital, app-first customer experience by leveraging the scalable, secure, and future-proof WG2 mobile core network, powered by AWS. By working with WG2, we are able to better serve our customers and create a brand that resonates with a rapidly growing, collaborative ecosystem of partners."

About Working Group Two
Working Group Two has rebuilt the mobile core for simplicity, innovation, and efficiency – leveraging the web-scale playbook and operating models. Today, Working Group Two innovation enables MVNO, MNO, and Private Network Operators a secure, scalable, and reliable telco connectivity backbone that scales across all generations of mobile technologies. Our mission is to create programmable mobile networks to allow our customers and their end users to create more valuable and useful products and services.

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