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Meet the trailblazing product developers that help mobile operators differentiate and innovate - on WG2's platform

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Trailblazing product developers like OnRelay, ElitNet, Voxist and more help mobile operators differentiate and innovate on WG2's platform. Keep reading to find out how.

OnRelay - mobile switchboard

OnRelay is building a world-class, software-based PBX (mobile switchboard), available to all operators on WG2's platform. In this video, Marie Wold talks about who their dream customer is, and more. 

OnRelay talks about their PBX on WG2's platform

ElitNet - voice anti-spam

Fake calls and voice spam are a major nuisance for both operators and their customers. The clever folks at Elitnet, a product company with more than 25 years of experience, have created a product to protect the network and its subscribers from unwanted calls. Voice Anti-spam is available to operators on the WG2 platform. 

Wanna build a product or see our catalogue?

Voxist - virtual personal assistant

The idea of the team behind Voxist is to create a virtual personal assistant that replaces old voicemail systems. People calling get personalized greetings, and a message can be transcribed and sent as a text message. A Voxist user can access voicemail messages through the web or app interface - or via email when away from the phone. Find it on WG2's platform. 

Voxist builds a personalized voice assistant, on WG2's platform.

Vxt - smart voicemail

The passionate Vxt team is on a mission to leverage communications data to automate the most boring work in the world, namely administrative tasks. They’ve made voicemail both simpler and smarter by offering instant transcriptions, smart greetings, email integration, and the ability to access your messages from anywhere.

Vxt voicemail is on WG2's platform


Truecaller is already trusted by over 338 million people, Truecaller is proud to be a leader in caller ID and spam blocking software as well as research around call and SMS harassment. More details to come about Truecaller on the WG2 platform. 


Product distribution opportunity 

One of our operator customers, with multi-country ambitions, is looking for products to differentiate and drive new revenue streams. Here are the product categories they specifically look for:

  • 🔒 Online content filtering: Help people avoid harm and danger while surfing, by blocking certain online content.
  • 📍 Location tracking: Help people know where their loved ones are without depending on battery draining apps who sell their data to advertisers.
  • 👮🏾 Individual Network Management: Give people a more private, quick, secure, and stable internet experience by letting them set their own VPN, Static IP, and DNS.
  • 📪 SMS in messaging apps: Let people use their favorite messaging app for all texting by getting SMSes in there too.

Pop an email to Tim Hearon here at WG2 if you're a developer and want to pitch your product.

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