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· 5 min read

  • Kyocera Mirai Envision Co., Ltd. (KCME) and Working Group Two (WG2) have signed an agreement to jointly develop and offer an end-to-end solution for private networks in Japan.
  • The two companies aim to serve customers across the business and public sectors with a highly differentiated offering that tackles current industry challenges, such as high initial cost, difficulty of deploying cloud-based solutions, and slow adoption.
  • Announcing first on-the-ground project with Sakaue Co. Ltd.
Odd Trondrud

· 6 min read

Our big belief is that the telecom industry should start building global platforms with the aim of achieving network effects - like many of the adjacent industries in devices and apps. To enable this, we’re building a mobile core from the ground up, running it in the public cloud and offering it as-a-service globally. To make it even harder (and fun) for ourselves, we’re also developing a full, API-based global product ecosystem to give telecom operators new revenue and differentiation opportunities.

One of the questions we get from operators is how to distribute products to their subscribers. There are multiple ways to go about it, but in this post, we'll show how an operator can enable products for their subscribers in what we call bundling.

· 4 min read

Atos and Working Group Two (wgtwo) are teaming up to provide operators with a simplified, end-to-end mobile network solution. It is based on wgtwo’s 4/5G cloud-native mobile core and on Atos’s full Next Generation Telecom Network portfolio, including cloud computing, edge and Open RAN technologies. Atos and wgtwo will jointly deliver “core-network-as-a-service” solutions.

Tor Odland

· 11 min read

Meet Sigve Brekke (CEO, Telenor Group), Adam Selipsky (CEO, Amazon Web Services) and Erlend Prestgard (CEO, Working Group Two). They recently sat down to discuss questions like: How do you build a strong technology culture in tandem with a customer-centric culture? How do you think long-term but execute in the short term? How can companies in legacy industries transform themselves?

CEOs in Telco Tech Talk

· 4 min read

We live, eat and sleep mobile core technology here at Working Group Two. What did a mobile core look like in the past and how is it developing? We threw three quick questions at Stephane Savonitto, a Core Network Engineer at Working Group Two. He has significant mobile core experience, from large network operators and equipment manufacturers.

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