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· 5 min read

  • Kyocera Mirai Envision Co., Ltd. (KCME) and Working Group Two (WG2) have signed an agreement to jointly develop and offer an end-to-end solution for private networks in Japan.
  • The two companies aim to serve customers across the business and public sectors with a highly differentiated offering that tackles current industry challenges, such as high initial cost, difficulty of deploying cloud-based solutions, and slow adoption.
  • Announcing first on-the-ground project with Sakaue Co. Ltd.

· 4 min read

Atos and Working Group Two (wgtwo) are teaming up to provide operators with a simplified, end-to-end mobile network solution. It is based on wgtwo’s 4/5G cloud-native mobile core and on Atos’s full Next Generation Telecom Network portfolio, including cloud computing, edge and Open RAN technologies. Atos and wgtwo will jointly deliver “core-network-as-a-service” solutions.

Tor Odland

· 11 min read

Meet Sigve Brekke (CEO, Telenor Group), Adam Selipsky (CEO, Amazon Web Services) and Erlend Prestgard (CEO, Working Group Two). They recently sat down to discuss questions like: How do you build a strong technology culture in tandem with a customer-centric culture? How do you think long-term but execute in the short term? How can companies in legacy industries transform themselves?

CEOs in Telco Tech Talk

· 4 min read

We live, eat and sleep mobile core technology here at Working Group Two. What did a mobile core look like in the past and how is it developing? We threw three quick questions at Stephane Savonitto, a Core Network Engineer at Working Group Two. He has significant mobile core experience, from large network operators and equipment manufacturers.

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