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· 4 min read
  • As an industry-first, CKH IOD migrates its core network to the cloud – delivered as a fully managed software-as-a-service by Working Group Two and deployed on AWS
  • A cloud-based core network brings radical simplification, cost efficiency and a platform to leverage a developer community – to drive innovation and capitalize on disruptive technologies

· 3 min read
Naoya Ori

— Drive the Private NWs Growth with its Fully-Managed Mobile Core NW SaaS —

CEO Erlend Prestgard of Working Group Two As, Oslo, Norway and President Kengo Asano of Mitsui Knowledge Industry Co., Ltd. Minato-ku, Japan, agreed on an MoU on providing WG2’s fully-managed Mobile Core NW SaaS product to accelerate the Private Networks business in the Japanese market.

· 5 min read
Sergey Zyrianov

A timer is a cornerstone of any software that communicates over the network. There are plenty of implementations that provide a timer facility. Most of them are in memory and will lose scheduled timers should the application crash. In this blog we discuss durable Kafka timers that do not depend on in memory state. By design we shall assume 1 second resolution of these timers.

· 8 min read
Anna Kennedy
Holger Ihrig
Matt Long
Yan Grunenberger

At WG2 we’re coming close to having everything running in Kubernetes, which means that almost everything we deploy needs to be pulled from a registry. We have run our own local registry for some time now, to host both locally-built images and cached images from Docker Hub.

· 6 min read

I have always struggled with company HR policies that make me not feel trusted. Why don’t HR and/or management trust who they hire? Why create HR processes for the very few people who don’t behave? Shouldn’t processes be designed for the vast majority of people who are to be trusted? I just don’t get it. If you are given freedom it comes with a lot of responsibility, isn’t that rather implicit?

· 2 min read

this week we started off with a three days hackathon!

Every quarter wgtwo holds a three day hackday. Hackdays are a great way for everyone in the company to work together in creating new innovative solutions for every day problems.

· 7 min read
David Åse

One of the goals of wgtwo is to enable operators and third parties to build products and services for the “core network” of the telecom stack. In short, this means providing API access to a subscription’s telecom functionality (messaging, calling, etc). In this article we will show how we built VoiceBox, a Voicemail forwarding application.