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17 min read
Jonny Griffin

For a company that provides an innovative solution across the telecommunication sector, I believe it is essential to have a web presence that effectively communicates our vision. This blog post illustrates my approach to taking the content of our existing website and transforming it into a completely new online presence, what it is today. This is the story of leveraging the Pareto 80/20 Principle to effectively portray wgtwo as the innovative telco brand it is.

6 min read
Matt Long

As I was waking up this morning, I started surfing Reddit. One post, in particular, jumped out at me. In this post, the writer (OP in Reddit parlance) had been asked to take a personality test at work by a new supervisor. The OP was asking if this was something they should agree to do.

The responses varied. Some were mildly positive, but most were very cynical since this sort of testing can be misused by bad management. However, this got me thinking and, eventually, writing this post.

6 min read
Tor Odland

Think quickly: When was the last time you dialed into your voicemail to listen to a message someone had left for you? Chances are, it鈥檚 been a while. The common view is that voicemail isn鈥檛 popular any longer. That鈥檚 both true and not true, depending on how you look at it. Find out where voicemail - loved by some and hated by others - is heading.

10 min read
Jonny Griffin
Yan Grunenberger

On Friday, December 10th, wgtwo and many others became aware of a critical severity zero-day exploit, CVE-2021-44228, known as 鈥淟og4Shell鈥 in the Log4j library, which is widely used in numerous systems around the internet. We immediately opened a security incident and have been actively taking steps to mitigate and monitor the situation.

3 min read
Naoya Ori

鈥 Drive the Private NWs Growth with its Fully-Managed Mobile Core NW SaaS 鈥

CEO Erlend Prestgard of Working Group Two As, Oslo, Norway and President Kengo Asano of Mitsui Knowledge Industry Co., Ltd. Minato-ku, Japan, agreed on an MoU on providing WG2鈥檚 fully-managed Mobile Core NW SaaS product to accelerate the Private Networks business in the Japanese market.

5 min read
Sergey Zyrianov

A timer is a cornerstone of any software that communicates over the network. There are plenty of implementations that provide a timer facility. Most of them are in memory and will lose scheduled timers should the application crash. In this blog we discuss durable Kafka timers that do not depend on in memory state. By design we shall assume 1 second resolution of these timers.

8 min read
Anna Kennedy
Holger Ihrig
Matt Long
Yan Grunenberger

At WG2 we鈥檙e coming close to having everything running in Kubernetes, which means that almost everything we deploy needs to be pulled from a registry. We have run our own local registry for some time now, to host both locally-built images and cached images from Docker Hub.