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We're teaming up with Kyocera Mirai Envision to build private networks in Japan

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  • Kyocera Mirai Envision Co., Ltd. (KCME) and Working Group Two (WG2) have signed an agreement to jointly develop and offer an end-to-end solution for private networks in Japan.
  • The two companies aim to serve customers across the business and public sectors with a highly differentiated offering that tackles current industry challenges, such as high initial cost, difficulty of deploying cloud-based solutions, and slow adoption.
  • Announcing first on-the-ground project with Sakaue Co. Ltd.

Kyocera Mirai Envision and Working Group Two unveil a differentiated private network offering in Japan.

KCME, based in Japan, delivers solutions that integrate mobile and information communication technologies (ICT) in business areas, such as mobile internet, AI, IoT, big data, and virtual cloud. As part of the signed reseller agreement, KCME will leverage WG2’s mobile-core-as-a-service to deliver private networks that rely on sXGP (a local standard for unlicensed LTE spectrum), pLTE (so-called Broadband Wireless Access, or BWA), and local 5G capabilities. WG2 offers a rebuilt, modern core network delivered as a hosted service. It drives the dual benefits of cost savings and revenue growth for KCME and their private network customers. Instead of using complex and subscale core networks, WG2 allows operators to attach their radio networks to a global, common mobile core platform powered by infrastructure from AWS.

WG2’s API-based product ecosystem relies on the programmability of the core network to offer KCME and their customers a marketplace of products and services they can bring to market without the need of building or integrating every product for each network.

Potential customers include businesses using sXGP and/or local 5G. For sXGP, the offering from KCME and WG2 will mainly replace PHS systems (Personal Handyphone Systems) that are currently phasing out. Unlike PHS, which is a voice-only system, the LTE-based sXGP provides mobile broadband and IoT capabilities as part of the use cases. With local 5G, end customers would be able to start a radio DX with 5G capabilities.

KCME and WG2’s joint solution is also relevant for secondary integrators as part of their solution portfolio. Synapse Co. Ltd., a local service provider based in Kagoshima City, has deployed the KCME-WG2 cloud solution on sXGP to an agricultural firm, Sakaue Co. Ltd., based in Shibushi City, Kagoshima. This solution not only facilitates smartphone-based voice calls among employees, but also supports agricultural IoT sensing for temperature and soil conditions.

Agricultural illustration, courtesy Sakaue Co. Ltd.
Agricultural illustration, courtesy Sakaue Co. Ltd.

With KCME-WG2’s sXGP services, the customer has established a stable communication network across hundreds of different locations, even in areas that are not well-covered by national mobile network operators. This has enabled the implementation of Agricultural DX (digital technology to improve the efficiency and productivity of agricultural operations) within the same sXGP network.

Said Erlend Prestgard, CEO, Working Group Two:

“We are excited to team up with KCME to jointly develop the market for private networks in Japan. By lowering the cost, reducing complexity, and speeding up the time to market, we can truly contribute to a differentiated solution in Japan. Utilizing a variety of spectrum options across multiple generations of telecommunications and multi-tenancy on AWS, we can support a wide range of customer needs,"

Said Hyungbae Kim, President and CEO of Kyocera Mirai Envision Co., Ltd.:

"By collaborating with WG2, we are harnessing the power of cloud technology to revolutionize sXGP. Our efforts to streamline deployment and lower costs will accelerate the expansion of the private network market in Japan. Furthermore, by utilizing the programmable core network, we can differentiate and innovate, developing and delivering unique solutions that provide real value for our customers," stated

About Kyocera Mirai Envision
Kyocera Mirai Envision, a subsidiary of the Kyocera Group, began operations in 2011 with the goal of becoming a global company that helps create communities where people can live without disparity. We achieve this by offering optimized solutions that integrate mobile and ICT technology at their core. Our business includes not only the fields of mobile internet, AI, IoT, big data, and virtual cloud, which are the foundations of the information revolution, but also 5G, SDN, NFV, GPON, and related engineering. As a member of the Local SDGs Public-Private Partnership Platform, we are committed to working towards the achievement of the SDG “Creating a Town to Live In.”

Company name: Kyocera Mirai Envision Ltd.
Location: Mita 43 MT Building, 3-13-16 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073, Japan
Representative: President & CEO Hyungbae Kim
Established: 1 April 2011

About Working Group Two
Working Group Two has rebuilt the mobile core for simplicity, innovation, and efficiency – leveraging the web-scale playbook and operating models. Today, Working Group Two innovation enables MVNO, MNO, and Private Network Operators a secure, scalable, and reliable telco connectivity backbone that scales across all generations of mobile technologies. Our mission is to create programmable mobile networks to allow our customers and their end users to create more valuable and useful products and services.

Media Contact:
Tor Odland
Working Group Two
+47 9909 0872