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Here's what happened at Hackoween πŸŽƒ

Β· 3 min read

Just as October was about to close, we ran a hackathon, aptly named "Hackoween" πŸŽƒ

Hackdays are a great way for everyone in the company to work together in creating new innovative solutions for everyday problems.


This time, we had the joy of having a hackday that included 15+ teams and yes - pizza. As with anything these days, a hackathon is a mix of virtual and physical.

Hackday Presentations

Building a system overview for wgtwo​

Team: Karl Johan, Anders, Tor, Oliver, Tobias

Building a new "Telco 102" visualization of our system architecture - used for both internal onboarding and to aid us when we talk to customers.

MATRIX (MAximum TRacing with mInimal Xffort)​

Team: Karl Johan

Side-project to see what we could get out of our Java/Kotlin services by utilizing existing projects. Utilize the setup the Infrastructure team has made in dev around opentelemetry and XRay. The idea is to improve tracing across the stack.

Gophish - for internal anti-phishing campaign​

Team: Jonny, Gunnar Inge

The goal of this project is to deploy Gophish and setup a phishing campaign - to develop internal resilience against phishing attacks. Check out their guide to developing internal phishing campaigns on our blog.

Walicy - (wasm policy resolving)​

Team: Noy, BjΓΈrn N

Write a library / sidecar to use wasm to implement policy resolving.


Team: Konstantin, Yan, Anton, Fabricio

To build a more cloud-native ePDG to enable Voice-over-WiFi.

Handover Machine 2000 (Hammer2000)​

Team: Holger, Sindre, Rune, Alain, Jacob

For testing handover between two physical antennas a phone needs to move between the coverage of two antennas. This has historically been done by moving a human holding a phone between two antennas. We attenuenated the radio signal with a rotating BLANDA BLANK serving bowl from Ikea - remotely controlled, of course!

In a bright future, we want a physical contraption that will move a phone between the coverage areas of the antennas.

The Hammer 2000

Cloud PBX - call center​

Team: Sergey

WTP and WebRTC-based minimalist PBX (with no SIP).

Explore Vite+Bazel(+Javalin/VuePress) for instant development feedback​

Team: JΓΈrund, Tibor

Seeking a smoother developer experience. The goal: instant changes (without reloading the page).

Easier voice deploys​

Team: Atanas

Even more flexibility in deploying voice infrastructure through IP-operator magic.

Improve visibility of the subscriber activity in our network​

Team: Tech support team, Nicholas, Pavel, Fabricio

Dashboard showing subscriber activity and be able to drill down and filter the activity in a variety of ways.

Hackoween for beginners​

Team: Theresa, Oda

What two non-hackers can achieve in three days (building an onboarding website).

Kubernetes service canary (ish)​

Team: Didier

POC of scripts to add/remove a canary pod to k8s services dynamically.