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October Virtual Hackdays

· 2 min read

this week we started off with a three days hackathon!

Every quarter wgtwo holds a three day hackday. Hackdays are a great way for everyone in the company to work together in creating new innovative solutions for every day problems.

This time, we had the joy of having a three day remote hackday that included 10+ teams and yes - pizza.

Most of us

Hackday Presentations

Grafana Annotations

Team: Jonny, Per, Victoria

Add git commit and other tags (i.e. pagerduty alerts) as annotations in Grafana.

Tokens to the people

Team: Håkon

Easy access to create new developer tokens to our APIs.

It's broken (or malware)

Team: Holger, Noy

Setup pies to be able to automate testing.

Java 11 Toolchain

Team: Stein Eldar

Upgrade of Java toolchain in Bazel!

Random bazel facts

Team: Konstantin

Good to have configurations for Bazel caching.

GTP-C tracing on PGW

Team: Pavel

Investigate and experiment how to upload PCAP traces from PGW in S3.


Team: Bjørn

Export routing hops and latency metrics to prometheus.

Kafka voice - kava

Team: Sergey

Kafka instead of Firebreeze as a backend for Voice.

Parental Control on PGW

Team: Etienne / Nicholas

Dynamic subscriber-based APN configurations for parental control DNS.

text rules

Team: Jørund

Migrating SMS forwarding into a separate app under wgtwo developer platform.

Distributed tracing

Team: Karl Johan/William

Jaeger tracing to be able to follow time spent in different components.

3 ideas to attract/hire engineers

Team: Ana/Jessica

Advent of code, showing engineering day-to-day work, image/video snippets.

MQTT for events

Team: GI

Home automation with MQTT server as an app.

David sucks at load testing (loomylin)

Team: David

Utilize project Loom to get lightweight virtual threads in JVM.

AWS Transit Gateway

Team: Erhan

Maintaining routes and connecting subnets between VPCs with a transit gateway.

PCAP traces as JSON

Team: Masse

Translate pcaps to a readable format and upload it to Athena.

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