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Plug into the world's mobile core network

Join a league of global telco front-runners in their pursuit of growth and efficiency. By connecting to our borderless core, you will simplify operations, reduce cost by 30-70% and get access to a product marketplace to help you differentiate and build new revenue streams.


Operators and their end users deserve mobile networks that allow for a rich ecosystem of valuable products to be built for their end users. To make this a reality we create programmable mobile core networks, built as a platform, API’ed and delivered as-a-service. Finally, we create the marketplaces where operators, developers and end-users can meet and interact.
Mobile core in the cloud. We bring innovation back to the core.
Configure your mobile core network with wgtwo APIs for provisioning and configuring an adaptable mobile subscription.
Telco SaaS
Secure, developer friendly, next generation, and service-rich telecommunication platform that enables your business to succeed. End of life is a thing of the past.

operator console

Telecom operators on the wgtwo platform are able to configure their own subscriptions, giving them the freedom to add the products that meet their needs.

Your next generation core

wgtwo core offers the full set of capabilities related to authentication, provisioning, voice, messaging and data services - transforming your existing business to the next level.
Fast, secure, geo-region, and reliable data connections serving all of your subscriber's requirements.
SMS, MMS traffic and serving secure voicemail.
Reliable voice SIP traffic across 2G, 3G, 4G (VoLTE).
Secure authentication and provisioning SIM cards.
Provision new subscribers, enable new features, customer service requests.
24/7 Level 3 Support.

"Our collaboration with Working Group Two to deploy our core network on the public cloud delivers simplicity, improved operational efficiency and the ability to quickly develop new initiatives to meet market needs, with particular focus on the MVNO, IoT and Private Network space. It’s about achieving scale and the highest levels of security while reducing complexity – to the benefit of our customers and ultimately, end-users in our markets.”

Joe Parker, CEO of CKH IOD
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Adapting to your use case
wgtwo provides the platform with flexible APIs, allowing all customer segments to migrate to our core network. To learn more about how we are changing the game in the telecommunication space, check out the case studies to see how we can help your company. Our goal is to drive innovation and growth for your business.

Adjacent Cores for Operators
Mobile Network Operators face the challenge of scalability on a daily basis. Highly complex networks that limit the number of use-cases and additional complexity they can take on is the norm.
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Mobile virtual operators of every kind face similar challenges. It is hard and expensive to build and operate your own core, and even harder to get a competitive advantage from it. A better way is now possible.
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Small Operators
Especially smaller operators are often overwhelmed by the complexity of getting even the basic services to work at an affordable cost. Getting VoLTE to work, having a call forked to a watch and a smartphone, home-routing of SMS, integrating with a lawful intercept solution, handling CS fallback, restricting the speed of a data connection, handling roaming, and integrating a PBX are examples of basic functionality that is complex to produce in a traditional network.
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Hybrid Networks
Regional operators that want national coverage, out-of-coverage factories that want their employees to be able to use their normal devices, and greenfield MNOs that want a bridge to a national network – these are all use-cases for hybrid networks.
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Private Network Core
Private networks are a booming part of telecom. Use cases related to latency, security, and stability drive demand for smaller mobile networks. However, mobile networks are complex to manage. According to a study made by Omdia 9 out of 10 enterprises are looking for someone to partner with in managing these networks.
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Greenfield Operators
Mobile network operators, especially greenfield operators with limited scale and lack of internal technology teams, are often overwhelmed by the complexity of getting even the basic services to work at an affordable cost.
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